Text Clean utilities have moved!

Textclean.ca: Text cleaner

Well, I developed this text cleaning tool years ago as part of larger set of publishing tools that I created to support my web clients.

I recently moved my web-sites to a new server, but did not migrate this particular tool. Wow, the calls I suddenly received! I had no idea that the tools were still be used separately from my old, but de-commissioned, publishing platform. It turns out that over the years many people were using and sharing the link to this utility. I started out by restoring the old link, but decide to move the tool to it’s own standalone domain, textclean.ca. It make more sense to track how and why people are using this tool and how best to improve it.

My old publishing tools (PBDBA) are getting a re-vamp and may make a return in the near future in their own domain. I’ll post an update here when those tools are also back and ready to be used.

For now, I have moved the basic text cleaning tool to it’s new home at https://textclean.ca. After reviewing this code, I see tons of potential to improve the interface and functionality. I will work on that over the next few weeks and months. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome. Use the form on my contact page to send me your thoughts.