Is there a cost to use
No, is free to use .

What does text clean do?
There are three main options, at the moment — watch our blog for future updates. Use the three checkboxes separately or together to clean your text is various ways:

  • The Clean Text checkbox will convert many characters to text safe equivalents and strip all High ASCii characters that can cause formatting issues when copied from program to program.
  • The Clean Paragraph checkbox removes extra spaces and lines.
  • And finally, the Remove HTML checkbox will strip out most HTML tags and leave the content. It also converts HTML entities to text equivalents.

Are you willing to add or change the functionality of the text cleaning process to suit my needs or use case?
Sure, we will review all suggestions and will incorporate appropriate suggestions in the future updates. Alternatively, we can quote on creating a custom text cleaning tool for your specific use case. In either case, use our contact page form to suggest your changes

Some things are not being cleaned as I expected. What can I do?
We have tested this for many use cases. However, there may be specific behaviours that are preferred. Use our contact page form to let us know specifically what you are trying to do. Be sure to include samples of the text you are trying to clean, what you expect to see, and any details that will help us test further.