Note: This is a page where we test upcoming changes. To avoid possible errors, you should always use our main page at is free tool to clean your text. Scrub away undesirable characters from your text before you paste it. Anyone who has had to copy content from one program to another has come across those stubborn, mostly invisible, characters that mess up your formatting. Next time… clean your text before you paste it. Give it a Try!


Basic Instructions:

  • Paste text that you are copying from one program to another (like to your wordpress blog) into the “PASTE IN TEXT TO CLEAN” box. Ensure that the “Clean Text” check box is checked and click the “Clean Your Text” button. The utility will strip away any high ASCii characters and fix common issues.
  • Some programs add extra spaces, extra lines, and tabbing. You can use the “Clean Paragraphs” to remove those extra spaces and lines.
  • Copying text with HTML? If you want the HTML code removed but the content left alone, click the “Clean HTML” checkbox to remove the HTML from your text.
  • Cleaned text can be copied to your clipboard with the “Copy” button
  • See our Frequently asked Questions for more information